Friday, October 22, 2010

To visit Denman Island MEOW's official website, please click here! The stats there are now out of date- MEOW has actually facilitated the spaying or neutuering of 166 island cats as of October, 2010! The cost of our program is now substantially higher at the vet's end (we need to update some of the information on the site...can you help?!) so if you know of a cat that may not have been fixed, call and we'll bring you up to date.

OCTOBER 2010: Below is the poster for a lovely little girl who is the last of the one litter of kittens we found to fix this year. Her other 4 siblings were all spayed and adopted out right away. Her mother had other ideas, however, and stole her away from her foster home for a period of time before we found her again! Now she's back in a friendly foster home where she is overcoming a little shyness, and enjoying human affection! She is ready to make a loving companion in just the right family, so please give us a call at 1209 if you think you'd like to meet her!

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