Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hobo was neutered through DI MEOW's reduced cost program and then adopted into a loving home. Check back from time to time for images of cats and kittens we may have posted here that are in need.

Please call 1209 if you might be interested in assisting DI MEOW by fostering kittens sometime. It's much easier to find homes for young cats, but doing so can occassionally take time. Many kittens born in the wild become wonderful companion animals if they have a chance to be socialized right away!

Older cats are usually the ones in greatest need of our assistance, however. They can make wonderful new additions to the family, and often seem to know when they've been granted a brand new lease on life. Because we don't always have photos available, do call DI MEOW and let us know when you are looking for a new kitty before going elsewhere!